The company's position in the industry leader in the company's decision to pay the same leader in the industry;

  • Company "job salary + bonus + year-end performance bonus" pay model also reflects the "talent, performance leader" principle.

The company has continuously established and improved various management systems of the enterprise and gradually improved the welfare treatment of employees. The company distributes daily necessities to employees every month, such as peanut oil, eggs, toilet paper, etc. The company will give each employee festive gifts or gifts during the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. The company will give birthday cakes or flowers to regular employees and their immediate family members (parents, spouses and children) for their birthdays. Formal employees of the company get married and give birth, and the company presents congratulations and gifts. The company has promotion fund and entertainment fund. The promotion fund is used to reward employees; The recreational activities fund is used to organize employees to participate in sports and recreational activities to promote the physical and mental health of employees; Employees can enjoy various rewards and activities in the fund, etc. The company advocates staff learning and pays attention to improving staff's own cultural accomplishment. Each employee has the opportunity to take part in external study or professional training every year, providing professional training to key personnel with outstanding performance, and organizing management and ordinary employees to go out to study irregularly. To broaden employees' horizons, cultivate their sentiment, organize domestic and foreign tourism study, broaden their horizons and enrich their knowledge.